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Reliable concrete sawing in  Sydney

When it comes to concrete sawing, precision is key. Here at A-1 Concrete Services , we understand that our customers hire us to deliver specific results and we use a range of tools to help saw concrete and other materials exactly as you need it!
a 1 concrete services concrete cutting

Ring saw

Ring saws operate very similarly to hand saws but use a blade driven on the outer edge allowing a deeper cut. These saws can be used for floors, walls and pipes, cutting to a depth of 260mm.
a 1 concrete services concrete sawing

Rapid cut saw

A rapid cut saw is used in specific situations, such as the expansion cutting of green concrete. This saw can be used as early as 12 hours after the concrete has been laid down.
a 1 concrete services concrete cutting machine

Early entry saw

Similar to a rapid cut saw, early entry saws provide cutting during the early stages of concrete. In this case, the saw and cut within the first or second hours of finishing, before final setting occurs.

Hand saw

Hand saws are used to cut floors, pipes, walls and other similar areas. Although it only cuts as deep as 150mm, the hand saw is useful for difficult areas that larger devices might not reach. Our hand saws come with an electric, petrol or hydraulic motor, depending on the available ventilation.

Road saw

As its name suggests, a road saw is ideal for use on roads but it can also be effective on factory floors, patios and driveways. In short, any flat area with easy access is ideal. With road saws, we can cut as deep as 450mm.

The road saw is a self-propelled machine that the operator walks behind. It weighs approximately 680kg and our road saws are all either diesel or petrol powered. We'll bring the right saw to suit your level of ventilation.

Wall saw (track-mounted saw)

A wall saw consists of a saw and a track for it to run along. These saws are suitable for walls, floors, stairs, bridges and other large areas. They are ideal for when cutting can't be done by other machines, or when you need to cut up to 730mm in depth.

Our wall saws are supported by a petrol or electric power pack. However, these can be set up away from the cutting area, using hoses between the pack and cutting head.

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